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Lubricant supply monitoring Ace Bearings


Online grease monitoring helps to minimize bearing failures

The service life of the lubricant is the decisive value for the bearing life. The GreaseCheck grease sensor can be used for monitoring bearings lubricated with grease. The lubricant can be topped up or replaced in good time before damage occurs.

Your benefit:

  • Up-to-date information about the condition of the grease in the bearing

  • No outlay for manual sampling and analysis of grease

  • Allows automated, optimized, and requirement-based relubrication

  • Cost savings for fresh and used grease (sustainability)

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Selecting a suitable lubricating grease is essential in ensuring that rolling bearings and linear units achieve the required performance and service life.

Arcanol lubricating greases are subjected to a thorough quality test when delivered. The quality of each batch is clearly ascertained and documented. In Schaeffler's own analytical laboratory, the Arcanol lubricating greases are checked for their chemical and physical properties in accordance with strict testing guidelines to ensure extremely high product quality.


  • Lubricants​

  • Mounting paste

  •  Anti-corrosion oil

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Rolling bearings are automatically supplied with the correct quantity of lubricant by lubricators or lubrication systems. The avoids the most frequent occurrence of rolling bearing failure: insufficient or incorrect lubrication. Approximately 90% of all bearings are lubricated with grease. Re-lubrication with the correct quantity of grease at the appropriate intervals provides a significant increase in the life of the rolling bearings.


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