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DTECT X1 s is a flexible online system from Schaeffler for the monitoring of rotating components and elements in the machinery and plant industry. Typical applications can be found in the steel, raw materials, paper and marine industries.

The system provides early, reliable detection of possible damage and thus helps to prevent unplanned and expensive downtime. This reduces the risk of possible production shutdowns. This increases the capacity utilization of the machinery and plant.

Versatile system

The system can be tailored to customer-specific requirements by means of the software. The base device is available as an 8-channel system. The system is suitable for connection of all conventional acceleration, speed and travel sensors.

Due to its compact size and robust housing (class IP 67), it is suitable for a wide range of monitoring applications. It has standardized connectors allowing easy installation on machinery and plants.

Remote monitoring

Defects and damage can be detected on machinery without the need for a diagnosis expert on site. The data can be transferred to other locations by remote access and analyzed there by the Schaeffler vibration experts, for example.

Detector III - Ace Bearings.jpg


Simple vibration route measuring system with an optional balancing function

The FAG Detector III is a handy, easy-to-use vibration measuring device. Pre-installed standard configurations in accordance with DIN ISO 10816 make this a plug-and-play solution and allow authoritative initial information to be given on the machine’s condition – entirely without time-consuming training or system configuration.

This allows the rapid inspection of ventilators, pumps, electric motors, compressors, and vacuum pumps, for example. All the user has to do is start the measurement process by pressing a few buttons and then wait until it is completed. The device evaluates the measurement results and presents these with self-explanatory symbols on the device display.

The system also has the following functions:
  • Non-contact temperature measurement

  • Speed detection

  • Route function

  • Report generator

Analysis software

For a more detailed analysis, the Trendline PC software is available free of charge and includes comprehensive functions. These include the viewer, which offers the user a large number of tools for evaluating the data. The measured data can be analyzed more easily and efficiently thanks to the to the integrated rolling bearing database, which contains approximately 20,000 bearings from various manufacturers. Since the damage frequencies can be incorporated into the measurement results, simple damage analysis is possible.

FAG Detector III Trendline (Win 10)

FAG Detector III Trendline (Win 7)

Balancing function

A further special feature of the FAG Detector III is its balancing function. For this purpose, the optionally available balancing kit is required. This makes it possible to not only detect but also eliminate imbalance. The results of the balancing process are also transferred to the Trendline software for evaluation.

Comprehensive reasons to use Detector III

  • Suitable for use by experts and those just getting started in condition monitoring.


  • The route function allows even large machines and facilities to be inspected.


  • Free analysis software eliminates the need for costly individual licenses.


  • The optional balancing function allows imbalance to be detected and rectified.

Optime - Ace Bearings.jpg



OPTIME - Plug. Play. Predict.

Condition monitoring can be expensive. Which is why up to 95% of all machines inside factories are only sporadically monitored, or often not at all. This can lead to unplanned breakdowns and downtime.

OPTIME from Schaeffler allows for comprehensive condition monitoring that is both easy and affordable. Thanks to its simple plug & play installation, OPTIME allows you to start monitoring hundreds of rotating machines in just a few hours.

OPTIME consists of:

  • Wireless sensors that monitor machines and devices

  • A gateway that receives the data from the sensors and transfers it to the cloud

  • A digital service that analyzes this data and provides expert fault diagnostics – conveniently delivered to you via an app on your desktop or mobile device​

Your key benefits at a glance

Highly cost-efficient monitoring

Monitoring hundreds of rotating machines for a few cents each per day – up to 50% cheaper than handheld measurement


Installs quickly

Installing the sensors and setting up the OPTIME app takes mere minutes – no prior experience required


Expert knowledge

Available 24/7 via the OPTIME app: professional diagnostics and advice from the experts at Schaeffler – so you’ll always make the right decision


For beginners & experienced users

Intuitive operation, plus provides crucial information and comprehensive expandability – perfect for a broad range of users and applications

SmartCheck Ace Bearings.jpg


The SmartCheck from Schaeffler is a compact, innovative, modular online measuring system for continuous monitoring of machinery and process parameters on a decentralized basis. It can be used on assemblies where such monitoring was previously too costly.


The SmartCheck is suitable for early detection of rolling bearing damage, imbalances and misalignments on:

  • Electric and geared motors

  • Vacuum and fluid pumps

  • Ventilators and fans

  • Gearboxes and compressors

  • Spindles and machine tools

Four comprehensive reasons for SmartCheck

Greater reliability

With SmartCheck, the condition of your machines is monitored continuously. You have everything under control! At all times.


Greater profitability

With SmartCheck, you profit from maximum machine use with minimum lifecycle costs.


Greater flexibility

SmartCheck is easy to transfer and extend to multiple systems without changing technology.


Greater transparency

With SmartCheck, you profit from the transparent display and analysis of your machines’ condition.

SmartQB Ace Bearings.jpg


SmartQB provides a new way of getting started in the field of condition monitoring

Schaeffler’s SmartQB provides a new way for everybody to get started in the field of condition monitoring. The plain text messages automatically generated from the vibration data on the 7-inch display are a genuine innovation on the condition monitoring market.

Your benefit:

Five causes of faults can be identified and displayed using the SmartQB condition monitoring system:

  • Bearing damage

  • Imbalance

  • Friction/cavitation

  • Temperature elevations

  • General changes in the vibration patterns

Comprehensive reasons to use SmartQB

Enhanced reliability

Pre-configured for recording irregularities on motors, pumps, fans, etc., and initial operation takes just five minutes. Thanks to the automatic fault assessment performed by the Schaeffler SmartQB, the system can be operated by maintenance personnel without any knowledge of vibration technology. The fault assessment enables users to immediately initiate maintenance work and order replacement parts if required.


More transparency

Easy-to-understand plain text messages regarding potential causes of errors are displayed on the touch panel when the machine’s condition changes.


  • For machines with fixed and variable speeds of 100 to 1,500 RPM

  • Preconfigured for up to six sensors

  • Touch panel with plain text messages in more than 15 languages

  • Live display of current values


Pulp and paper

Raw materials



The FAG WiPro s enables online monitoring of wind farms ─ both onshore and offshore. The system provides early and reliable detection of possible machine damage. This helps to prevent unplanned downtime and expensive secondary damage. Due to its small size, it can easily be accommodated in small spaces such as the nacelle of a wind turbine.

Versatile system

The FAG WiPro s is equipped with a signal processor and evaluates all measurement signals internally. Due to the intelligent linking of expert knowledge with information from the turbine, it is possible to keep the transferred data volume very small. This is particularly important where a large number of turbines must be continuously monitored over an extended period. Any wind farm can be networked using the system ─ whether the turbines are connected using copper cables, fiber optics, ISDN or analog lines, or even if no telephone connection at all is present.


The system is certified by Germanischer Lloyd.

Remote monitoring

The automatic messaging function by means of TCP/IP, WiFi modem (optional), landline modem or DSL router enables efficient worldwide monitoring. The data can be transferred to other locations by remote access and analyzed there by the Schaeffler vibration experts, for example.

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